CopperCapowns Copper Bullion Art Bar Collectible Bars and Rounds, add some CC High End Glass !!!

Over the next few years we wish to Hone our skills and perfect our trade. We will be coming out with a multitiude of new styles and bars soon, The Cannabis Clones series is a Big Hit, Why not try it out. If thats not to your taste maybe the Fallen Heroes or Christ Lines would work for you. Or maybe you just want a Patriotic bar, which we have 20+ styles of. 40 styles of bars and 50 styles in 1oz. Ingots and Rounds. Our stock and line is Unbeatable, and if we dont have what you like feel free to call 3029338253, or 3028645031 if you wish to discuss a bulk purchase of your own style. We are fully capable of Graphics design and Die Making. Let us make your vision a reality.