CopperCapowns Copper Bullion Art Bar Collectible Bars and Rounds, add some CC High End Glass !!!
1 Pound Legalize It 99.9% Pure Copper Bullion Bar

1 Pound Legalize It 99.9% Pure Copper Bullion Bar

Legalize It

The first in the Cannabis Clones series, just a plain MaryJane. When it was first produced we never even thought that so quickly we have also done a 4 bar set, including the Legalized It. The Democracy that we are Ladies and Gentlemen appears to be swaying the other way, in what most believe is the end of Cannabis Prohibition here shortly. Doesn't mean either this or that to me, but CopperCapowns Explicitly reminds all to please adhere to your Governing State Laws until such a time as they are deemed Remanded/Dissolved. 16 oz. .999 Copper Bullion Cannabis Clones Legalize It Art Bar for sale. These are not proofs, but a very cool piece for anyone over 18 at the present time due to present (and necessary Laws) on articles Minors poses. So if your not 18, please come see us when you are and CopperCapowns will be happy to serve you.  

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