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Kilo Capped Bust 99.9% Pure Copper Bullion Bar

Kilo Capped Bust 99.9% Pure Copper Bullion Bar


Kilo (2.2 Pounds) Capped Bust .999 fine copper bullion Art bar. The Capped Bust of Liberty is facing left, wearing a cap, which is referred to as a Phrygian or Freedom Cap; a symbol of the American Revolutionary War. Liberty’s hair flows with curls downwards and a small part of her dress can be seen below the neck. There are seven stars in front and six additional stars behind, representing the original thirteen states in the Union. The headband carries the inscription LIBERTY. The Capped Bust coinage of the United States consisted of a half dime (nickel), dime, quarter and half dollar in the 1800s. This comes in a sturdy zipped bag with an information card.

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